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Business Phone Line Installations / Connections

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From trenching to sockets, Phoneworks technicians are specialists in all aspects of your new phone line installation.

Once the cable has been installed from the street, it will need to be fitted off onto a telecommunications frame, referred to as a Main Distribution Frame. (MDF)

A new phone line installation from the phone exchange, to the MDF will normally cost $299 charged by your provider. This includes a visit by your provider’s phone technician to connect the line and identify the line with a tag.

The phone line installation to the MDF is now ready to be connected to your equipment by your private phone technician.

If the property has had one or more phone line services disconnected in the past your provider may offer you a re-connection of an existing line.

New phone connections, relocations, phone line fault detection and repairs, phone system programming

The cost for a re-connection is minimal if they do not have to send a phone technician out to prove the line by "tagging" it. This cost is normally $59. This is referred to as an Inplace Service.

Once onsite, your private phone technician should be able to assist in both identifying the line and connecting it to your equipment.

Your phone line installation will include a Lifetime Warranty if installed by a Phoneworks technician and also a Certificate of Compliance, as required by law.

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