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FAQs - ADSL / Broadband

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Why is my ADSL/ADSL2+ so slow?

  • It may be that you have an alarm system connected to the telephone line.
  • You may have too many phone points/phone sockets connected to the line.
  • Your cabling may be in a star configuration referred to as star wiring.

Can you make my ADSL2 or ADSL2+ go faster?

Yes … If you have an alarm system connected to the same telephone line, star wiring or multiple phone points we can re-configure the cabling by installing a Central Filter.

How much faster will my ADSL/ADSL2 go by installing a Central Filter?

Our Telstra Accredited technicians have had various success, ranging from a few percent to several hundred per cent as in our testimonials. It ultimately depends on your existing cabling and configuration.

My ADSL service can still access the internet, but my telephone has stopped working. There is no dial tone. Are you able to fix this problem?

Yes … if the problem is on your premises. We have seen some very unusual situations where ADSL is able to push through and connect the modem.

Why is my telephone still working, but my ADSL service is not?

There may be a problem with your modem or even the phone cabling. Check the modem settings with your service providers help desk firstly. If that fails, you will need a licensed telecommunications technician to detect your ADSL fault.

Why does my modem/internet drop out when I make a telephone call?

It is to do with the cabling on your premises. Our fully licensed Telstra accredited technicians are experienced with all aspects of fault detection and repairs, so they can efficiently identify & rectify your cabling.

Why does my ADSL modem connect to the internet on only one of my phone points in the house?

There may be a Central Filter fitted some where that you don't know about.

The ADSL signal may be struggling with your existing wiring in which case you will need to get a licensed technician out to inspect your phone cabling.

Are you able to locate my Naked DSL service within my premises?

Yes … If the line Naked DSL has been connected to the right address, then our Telstra accredited technicians can locate the service and also assist you with the configuration of the modem/computer.

Why does my telephone line become noisy when my modem is connected to the line, even though I have filters connected to the phones?

ADSL/Broadband noise can feed back into the line even though good quality filters have been installed. Phoneworks technicians will be able to re-configure the wiring to rectify this problem.

Useful Router/Modem Information

Your router should be able to give you SNR Margin, Line Attenuation and Physical Connect Rate figures.

Physical Connect Rate

Oddly enough, some routers will connect faster than others in determining what your Physical Connect Rate is.

SNR Margins

In general, a higher signal to noise ratio will result in less errors.

6 db or belowBad and will experience no line synchronisation or intermittent synchronisation problems
7 db -10 dbFair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions
11 db - 20 dbGood with little or no synchronisation problems
21 db - 28 dbExcellent
29 db +Outstanding

Attenuation Rates

In general, attenuation is the loss of signal over distance. Unfortunately, dB loss is not just dependent on distance. It also depends on cable type and gauge (which can differ over the length of the cable), the number and location other connection points on the cable.

20 db and belowOutstanding
20 db - 30 dbExcellent
30 db - 40 dbVery Good
40 db - 50 dbGood
50 db - 60 dbPoor and may experience connectivity issues
60 db +Bad and will experience connectivity issues


A handy equation used suggests that downstream attenuation divided by 13.81 will roughly equal the amount of kilometres from the exchange.

For example; if you had a downstream attenuation of 30dB …

30dB divided by 13.81 = 2.172 KM

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