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FAQs - Splitters and Filters

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Should I get a Telstra Accredited technician to install my Central Filter?

Yes, ideally a Central Filter would be installed at the point of entry to the house. Only Telstra Accredited technicians are legally allowed to work at this place. Fully licensed technicians are only allowed to work from the first phone point, which may not be useful.

Be sure to ask for a Certificate of Compliance detailing the work completed.

Can you make my ADSL2 or ADSL2+ go faster?

Yes … If you have an alarm system connected to the same telephone line, star wiring or multiple phone points we can re-configure the cabling by installing a Central Filter.

How much faster will my ADSL/ADSL2+ go by installing a Central Splitter / Filter?

Our Telstra Accredited technicians have had a various success, ranging from a few percent to several hundred per cent. See our Testimonials.

Is there any difference in ADSL/DSL filters?

Yes, our experience through testing various ADSL and DSL filters show that some brands do function better than others.

Are the Central Filters good quality?

Yes. We only use the very best that we can source. We recommend and use C10 where possible, but have other brands for internal installations also. We have done speed tests on various brands and have so far found C10 to perform the best when fitted to lines with ADSL2 and ADSL2+.

Am I able to change the location of my modem after a Central Filter has been installed?

No … A central filter is purposely hard wired to meet stringent cabling regulations.

You will need a licensed telecommunications technician to alter the phone cabling.

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