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MDF Phone Line Connection

Phoneworks specialise in Phone Line Connections from the MDF for all Residential and Business services.

What to expect with your residential Phone Line Connection from the MDF

An example of a "tagged line" waiting for connection

The MDF / MDF box or Main Distribution Frame is the network boundary point for your phone line connection. This means that the Telco’s are only responsible to connect your phone line to this point.

From this point, you will need to engage the services of a private Phone Technician to identify the New Phone Line Connection at the MDF and connect it to your apartment, unit or flat.

Sometimes your new phone line connection will be "tagged" at the MDF by your provider and other times it won’t.

If you pay the minimal cost to re-connect an existing phone line, then the chances are that the line won’t be tagged at the MDF.

An experienced Phone Technician can usually identify the New Phone Line Connection on the MDF even though it has not been tagged.

If your provider has confirmed that the line will be "tagged" or you have requested a NEW Phone Line Connection to the MDF, then the line MUST be "Tagged" by your provider.

The "Tag" on your new phone line connection will assist your private technician to identify your service before connecting it to your apartment, flat or unit.

An MDF Phone Line Connection with an experienced Phoneworks Phone technician will ensure that all problems are quickly resolved and can even advise on possible compensation entitlements from your provider.

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