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Phone Line Installations

Underground connections

Preparing for your connection from the street to the house will involve organising a trench from the footpath to the house.

All new estates for approximately the last 10 years had an underground pipe installed 1 meter into the premises from the footpath ready for connection. This is where the trench must be installed to.

From the house, the trench must start within 1 meter from the electricity box. This keeps the services together and ensures easy location by technicians if required.

Things to consider before installing your phone line:

Use good quality phone cable when wiring your house

If you want to future proof your new home or home business, we would recommend that a cat 5, 4 line cable be used for pre-wiring your phone lines.

This is a good quality cable that has the capacity to connect 4 separate phone lines at any one time if required.

Another advantage is that these 4 separate phone lines will not interfere with each other when used in conjunction with multiple workstation devices attached to the line, such as faxes, eftpos machines and telephones etc.

Installing a phone point for the alarm system

If an alarm system is going to be installed and programmed to either ring your mobile phone or back to a monitoring company, it will require the installation of a phone/alarm socket referred to as a mode 3 or 611 socket.

When wired correctly, the alarm will if necessary take over the phone line to dial out to your mobile or monitoring company to convey the message that the alarm has been tripped.

This will occur regardless of somebody using the phone or a phone accidentally been left off the hook.

Different cabling methods

There are two different phone wiring methods commonly used in phone cabling referred to as the "Star" and "Looped" methods.

"Star" wiring is commonly used when installing a home communications cabinet or "Hub" see diagram below.

"Looped" is our recommended method as shown on diagram C.

DIAGRAM A : Phone cabling using the "STAR WIRE" method (from Point of Entry)

Phone cabling using the STAR WIRE method (from point of entry)

DIAGRAM B : Phone cabling using the "STAR WIRE" method (from communications cabinet)

Phone cabling using the STAR WIRE method (from point of entry)

DIAGRAM C : Phone Cabling Using the "LOOPED" method

Phone cabling using the STAR WIRE method (from point of entry)

Underground Phone Installation

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