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Network Boundary Point

The Network Boundary Point is where the legal responsibility of the Telcos' finish. From this point into the premises, the lines are privately owned and therefore all maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

Although the owner is not responsible for maintenance up to this point, they are obligated to look after the telephone cabling. Failure to do so will result in costly repairs by the big telcos.

Residential houses

Unless fitted with a Network Termination Device, the network boundary point is the first telephone point / socket wired inside the premises.

Residential units

The boundary point can either be at the first phone point OR the MDF, depending on when the building were completed. Units have tended not to have MDFs for quite some time.

Most residential units are now built without an MDF, so the network boundary point is the first telephone socket / point wired inside the premises.

Flats and low rise apartments

Older type low rise apartments or flats usually locate the Main Distribution Frame on an external front or side wall on the ground floor.

High rise apartments

The network boundary point for high rise apartments is the telecommunications Main Distribution Frame, commonly referred to as the Main Distribution Frame.

Modern apartment blocks commonly locate the Main Distribution Frame in a telecommunications cupboard located on the ground floor, or in the underground car park/basement of the building.

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