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Telstra Velocity Cabling

Telstra Velocity equipment

Telstra Velocity is a term trademarked by Telstra to describe "Fibre To The Home" (FTTH) technology in Greenfield residential development housing estates.

These housing estates are cabled with Telstra Optic Fibre Cables and used to connect Phones, Broadband, Foxtel and digital "Free to Air" TV services.

Unlike most areas around Australia, Telstra Velocity cabled estates do not use the traditional copper network for phones and ADSL broadband services.

Under agreement with the developer, Telstra Velocity networks are private optic Fibre networks, not open to competition by other Internet Service Providers. (ISP’s) This may change however, as negotiations with the federal government continue.

Like all new technologies Fibre To The Home can experience problems with outages causing loss of services, however we would expect these issues to be rectified as testing continues.

Advantages of a Telstra Velocity 'Fibre To The Home'

  1. High bandwidth for TV and Video services. (Fast with no little delays)
  2. Antennas and satellite dishes not needed on roofs for TV and Pay TV.
  3. Potential for faster broadband services in the future.
  4. No outdated limited copper network for phone and broadband.

Disadvantages of a Telstra Velocity "Fibre To The Home"

  1. Closed Network, not open to competition by competitors.
  2. Possible expensive Broadband compared with ADSL in other non Telstra Velocity Estates.
  3. Possible teething problems, causing outages of the network.

Phoneworks technicians have been extensively trained to install all cabling from the Optical Network Termination (ONT) mounted on an external wall of your house for the Telstra Velocity connection.

Once onsite, our experienced technicians can assess your premises and recommend the appropriate cabling to suit your personal needs and the Telstra Velocity equipment installed on your premises.

Telstra Velocity equipment Telstra Velocity equipment

Telstra Velocity equipment

Telstra Velocity equipment

Telstra Velocity optic fibre joint

Telstra Velocity optic fibre joint

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