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Phoneworks Reviews and Testimonials

The Phoneworks team would like to sincerely thank the following clients for taking the time to express their appreciation about our service.

I Need Helpers

Phoneworks found what Telstra contractors couldn't and now we can operate our business again...

The knowledge and expertise shown by the Phoneworks' Team in resolving our business phone line and internet connection fault has proven that they 'fix what the telcos won't'.

Without Phoneworks, there is no doubt that we would still have a faulty line with our service provider advising that there was no fault or fix. We really appreciate the personal and professional service provided by Phoneworks through this time in resolving the fault and value the industry knowledge which assisted us in receiving 1.5K+ compensation due to the indentified fault.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phoneworks to any resident or business who is experiencing any type of phone or internet issue – a true life-saver!

Review by I Need Helpers' Team, Melbourne


What can I say - your phone technician was brilliant! Clearly a highly qualified professional. I will be recommending him and Phoneworks whenever possible, especially to other newcomers to my building.

Just a great service! Your phone technician certainly "went the extra mile" to please and make sure things were done just right.

Review by Drew Hayes, Melbourne


I am very happy with the service provided by your company. Your technician explained my situation in clear terms and offered clear solutions which were carried out quickly and with a minimum of fuss. The price was very reasonable for the work undertaken and the items provided. I would be happy to recommend Phoneworks to anyone needing resolution of telephone line problems.

Review by Adrian Ryan, Heidelberg


We wish to express our thanks to your phone line technician for his professional conduct and excellent workmanship at Brunswick Rd, Brunswick East

Review by Philip and Luisa, St.Kilda East


Your technician did a fantastic job. I would have no trouble recommending him to any other organisations for cabling and phone line works, he was friendly and extremely helpful.

Review by Darcy Brown, Zebra Capital, Kew


I was impressed by the speed of response and the thoroughness of the work. The good communication was exceptional.

Review by Bruce Blythe, Park Orchards


I could not be more satisfied with the service and explanations your technician provided. He was punctual, courteous, very professional and helped me to understand the key factors. He was a wonderful ambassador for your company.

Review by Paul Carlin, Alphington

City of Port Phillip

Thank you for your great service to help us complete our cable re-location project. I won’t forget the name!

Review by Project Manager, Capital Project Services, St Kilda


Just like to say I am very happy with the service of Phoneworks in the speedy repair of my landline. I would be happy to call on your services again, and happy to recommend to others.

Review by Costas Pavlou, Coburg East


After sending in numerous technicians from other companies who could not assist me with my issue, I must say I am so glad I went ahead with contacting Phoneworks to help me! They were the only ones who were able to fix my phone line, where no one else could and did it in such a short amount of time. No one prior to calling Phoneworks were able to tell me what the exact problem was, but advised it was a huge job. I was worried that I'd be in for a huge bill as well as someone who would take advantage of my lack of knowledge. The Phoneworks technician who came out was the absolute opposite! He came out, called me before going ahead with the job to let me know the cost upfront (which was surprisingly and pleasantly lower than expected) and finished the job within the hour. I just want to say thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise and that I'd definitely be using and recommending you again!

Review by K. Quach, Box Hill


Your Phoneworks technician came out on Saturday and was fantastic. Telstra came out onsite this afternoon to do their part and we are up and running!

Review by The Benchmarque Group Pty Limited, Richmond


After dealing with horrible sync speeds, constant dropouts and Telstra who doesn't give a damn about your problems unless you pay them half your house; we were almost about to give up. Than we heard about Phoneworks.

I found your phone line technician to be extremely knowledgeable and understanding of our situation. Not only did he do an outstanding job completing the work, he also wasted no time in having the job done, finishing in just under 1.5 hours.

He showed me step by step how it was done and explained in detail how the equipment worked, and any future implications we will have to allow for (such as an alarm system).

I found the whole service refreshing and would definately recommend them to friends/family/co-workers. In terms of results we went from having a flaky 4-11.4mbps (adsl2+ and only 800m from exchange) that would constantly drop off, to amazing 20.7mbps and not a single dropout since.

If you’re worried about your phone line or internal wiring, having similar sync speed issues or just constant dropouts.... save yourself the stress and give Phoneworks a call. They’re well worth the time and money.

Review by Corey Redford-Jones, Skye


Many thanks for sending all the required paperwork. Well done to your phone line technician and his professionalism as well as the prompt service - pleasure doing business with you and the company. Keep up the good work.

Review by George Tsingos


I will be recommending your company to everyone. The technician that came out arrived on time, was super helpful and all round nice guy. Thank you so much.

Review by Tony Colacina, Chelsea


The service I received was wonderful, thank you and your team. I called and you had a technician out within the hour, who not only did a great job and got me connected, but cleaned up all the wires that where hanging out of the wall. He was a delight to deal with.

Review by Sophia Purvis, Coburg


I was very impressed with the service – knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. And he solved the problem!

Review by Mark Creamer, Alphington


I am extremely satisfied with the service and workmanship I received. I will call you again if I require similar services, and would happy recommend you.

Review by Troy Parsons, Richmond


I had a Telstra engineer here this morning and he confirmed a line fault which has now been rectified. Many thanks to you and, particularly your phone line technician, for your prompt help and advice.

Review by Mick Cahill, Fitzroy North


Hi, a technician of yours came to my apartment today to test my phone line as I'd been having trouble getting with my phone line connection from the MDF. I'd just like to say that I was extremely pleased with the service he gave me. He was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and was pleased to help me resolve the problem with TPG by talking to their technical support people. It was an excellent example of what customer service really should be and I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks very much.

Review by Chris H, Grand Central Apartments, 63 Spencer Street, Melbourne CBD


I would like to thank you for the prompt and professional service we have received from your company to which we will engage and recommend your services.

Review by Frank D (Building Manager), La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Vic


You would be pleased to know that my current broadband download speed is now 7.04 to 7.15 mbps after I had asked Telstra (as per your phone line technician's advice) to remove the choke on the line.

Many thanks for your technician's expertise and advise for removing the electronic constipation that we did not even realise we had on our broadband line.

Before he rectified the line, our download speed was 0.6 Mbps. (An increase of more than 11 times)

Review by Villy R, Mt. Martha, Vic


The service that I've received from Phoneworks has been excellent. Your explanation of the potential job over the phone was clear and the Phoneworks technician's professionalism and workmanship was impeccable.

Review by Sam Chuc, Wantirna, Vic


Thanks, your phone line technician did a great job. Phone lines have never been this good. Our big Telco just did not care!!!!!!!!!

Review by Brian O'C, Templestowe Road, Bulleen, Vic.


We were very pleased that we found Phoneworks to do the preparation work for our telephone line. Please pass on our appreciation and thanks to your phone line technician who did a wonderful job on a difficult location. He was very knowledgeable and courteous and gave us a lot of advice particularly on the next stage of our Telstra connection.

Thanks again and kind regards.

Review by Joan & Ian S, Grandview Ave, Mt. Martha, Vic.


I just wanted to comment that your technician was fantastic. He explained everything thoroughly and succinctly, and tried his best to assist me with all my enquiries. He is definitely a model employee, and if he is due to have a pay rise, well then he deserves it.

When you get great service like I received from yourselves, it definitely makes me want to give you guys more business. I actually was referred to you guys from my I.T. support officer at the company I work for, Johns Lyng Group. Good feedback and excellent customer service definitely goes a long way.

Review by Daniel, Goodson Street, Doncaster, Vic.


Thankyou very much for all your help in getting our phone line connected!! Very much appreciated!

Review by Linsey F, Henry street, Kensington, Vic.

Mindsystems Pty Ltd

It is a rare thing for me to want to take the time to comment on service, but I must say that your recent work done at our Cheltenham office was really excellent. The friendly can do attitude of your staff is what sets you apart from the rest. Well done and thanks again!

Review by Mindsystems Pty Ltd, Cheltenham, Vic

BASF Australia Limited

Just a note again to thank you for the prompt, courteous and professional manner in which you helped us out last night. It is rare in this day and age to find service providers who are so good. We really appreciate the extra effort you went to.

Review by Lyle Henry, BASF Australia Limited

Let's Talk Kitchens

Dear Phoneworks,

I am very pleased to be able to say after having been messed around by "experts" for nearly 8 months and quoted $3000. It was refreshing to have you:

  1. Call out promptly after we made contact with you.
  2. Assess the situation.
  3. Propose a solution.
  4. Execute the solution
  5. Clean up and be gone, all in 6 hours from the time you first entered our premises, and all on the day you first called.
  6. Charge us $560 for everything, inc. the "$3000" new line Telstra were going to put in.
  7. Well done and thank you.

Review by Rex G Hirst, Let's Talk Kitchens, Glen Waverley, Vic


I have to say that your service was outstanding from start to finish. I regard your fees as most reasonable, given you responded within hours, and adjusted your visit to fit in with our family commitments. From the initial telephone call, to the service technician's manner, to the professional expertise in resolving our fault, to the invoice which was consistent with our expectations, I can say this was a breath of fresh air in a sector where my expectations were much less. We will definitely keep your details for future work and recommend you to friends.

Review by Michael Beaton-Wells, Surrey Hills, Vic


We always had issues with our internet speed that other technicians were unable to fix. Your technician was proficient and carried out his work meticulously. Our speeds have increased from 3,500 kbps to 21,000 kbps on one ADSL service. The other back up service increased from 3,150 kbps to 19,000 kbps. Needless to say, the problems were solved and we have had no internet issues since.

Review by Planetshakers, Chris Peterson

Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant

Thank you for your quick response to our urgent problem. What a relief after being stuffed around by the big telcos for 4 days to find someone that can solve the problem and have us back on line within an hour. I have no hesitation in recommending your organisation whatsoever. Thank you again

Review by Peter Horton, Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant, Port Melbourne, Vic

Spectrum Fire

Thank you for the excellent service, your ETA was on time as allocated and the job was done in a professional manner. More importantly met compliance with the legislation.


Review by Paul Deipenau, Spectrum Fire, Hallam, Vic

Eltham Village Shopping Centre

Thanks for your very prompt attendance on Saturday and for resolving the problem so quickly also.

I will have no hesitation in using Phoneworks again and recommending you to others.

Review by Diana Granger, Centre Manager
Eltham Village Shopping Centre, Eltham, Vic


Had a great experience with Phoneworks.

I have been an IT professional for many years now, I was pleasantly surprised when I called Phoneworks for the first time.

The person that answered the phone was a competent and knowledgeable IT person that totally understood the issue I was describing to him without me having to "Dumb Down" the conversation.

The service person from Phoneworks arrived at our house in the outer Melbourne Metro at the promised time and completed the job in the estimated time period (90 minutes).

In our spare time at home, myself, my wife and our 22 year old son are major online gamers. We have been battling with inconsistent line speeds and frequent disconnects for a long time. It would be rare to get more than 8 hours uptime without a disconnect. If the weather was bad, we would DC at least every ½ hour or more making online gaming impossible. We had Telstra come out and test the line, we were informed by the technician that "There is nothing wrong" as he walked out the door, never to be seen again.

Since the NTD was installed (about 10 days ago) our Fast ADSL connection speed has gone from an average of 17000kbps to 22280kbkps Downstream and from 860kbps to 1020kbps Upstream (that’s a big jump).

Whilst our noise margin has not changed much from about 6.3db, it no longer fluctuates or drops below 5.9db, thus the connection is rock solid and has had a total uptime of 212 hours since installed (about 212 hours ago).

Given that online gaming is a large part of our private life, and I also require a fast stable internet connection for my job and web hosting, this was money well spent.

If you are getting poor ADSL connections and constant DC issues, don't call Telstra, save yourself a lot of time and effort, just call Phoneworks.

They solved the issue.

Review by Steve T, Schotters Rd, Mernda, Vic


Thank you so much for the friendly and efficient way you handled my recent dilemma. My mother had been experiencing phone problems for a couple of months and one phone call to you and a solution was found. In less than 24 hours, your technician had replaced all the old connections and installed new sockets. Mum is over the moon. It is so refreshing to find a company that is willing to help and believes in customer service. I will recommend you highly to anyone requiring reliable and efficient telephone cabling and installation.

Review by Patricia Murphy, Port Melbourne, Vic


Your Phoneworks technician arrived promptly, found and fixed the problem quickly, was courteous and tidy!! Would recommend Phoneworks to others.

Review by Robin Mitchelson Design, 17 Canterbury Rd, Toorak, Vic

LendaHand Finance

I was really pleased with your quick response and same day service. Your technician was thorough and professional and instilled confidence in me that he knew what he was doing.

I will be calling upon Phoneworks in the future for all my telephone landline problems or cabling requirements.

Review by Vince Boyle, Principal, LendaHand Finance, Camberwell, Vic


I would like to compliment the technician who connected my phone. He was on time, polite, neatly presented and really knew his stuff. He did a great job.

I was really impressed by his/your company’s service.

Many thanks,

Review by Southbank, Vic


The greatest nightmare of the modern age is surely mystery and complexity which surrounds information technology. Over the years, we have found it hard to keep up and oh so frustrating, bordering on impossible, to find support ... then ... along came a technician from Phoneworks!

Not only a fantastic, hardworking techo ... but also an "educator" ... able to explain things which had been beyond us for years. And such a friendly bloke too!

Review by Vox Bandicoot, Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Vic

allfloors carpet gallery

Very pleasant, professional and commercially viable. I’ll be calling you guys when it happens next or something similar. Keep up the good work.

Review by Allan Stamps, allfloors carpet gallery, Carnegie, Vic


Let me take the opportunity to say how impressed I was with the service. Your technician was on time, clear with his explanations, and worked efficiently to have the job done asap. After weeks of grief having to deal with Telstra techies and electricians who couldn't string the words 'customer' and 'service' together let alone comprehend what it they might mean, it was a welcome relief. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone who might need work done.

Review by Eric, Middle Road, Maribyrnong, Vic


The service provided by your organisation was nothing short of fantastic - I did not imagine that after a late night email I would get phoned the very next morning with an appointment time for the very same day with a specific appointment time that worked within my schedule. The technician was friendly and very helpful and the job was completed so quickly and professionally. I would recommend this service to anyone needing assistance with their phone lines without the three week delay and 5 hour appointment time of the major providers!

Review by Emma Sherry, Fairfield


Thank you so much. After suffering countless, frustrating hours with my Broadband connection and speed, one visit by your technician fixed it all. I was amazed that within hours of calling your business, my technician was at my door. He was polite, efficient and provided very professional, quality work. The charge for his service was extremely reasonable and within the expectation set (and worth every penny!)…

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with a company where the service from initial phone call, to completion of work and forwarding of the Compliance Certificate was of such a high standard. Your business is a credit to the industry and certainly sets the benchmark for others to aspire to. Without hesitation I will be recommending Phoneworks.

Review by Jill McCrone, Hampton, Vic


I was so impressed with the professionalism of the Phoneworks tradesman who attended my residence last week. Your technician took the time to phone in advance to advise he was running late due to traffic and also made sure I understood everything that he was doing on the job. He left me with comprehensive instructions about what to do next. He was professional and pleasant and I was very impressed with the service!

Review by Claire, Ballantyne Street, Thornbury, Vic


The installation of the Network Termination Device on Monday was carried out in a very capable and methodical fashion. It has certainly improved the speed of our ADSL service.

I appreciate the conscientious approach and the advice offered at the planning stage.

Review by Jason W, Loeman Court, Burwood East, Vic


I called out Phoneworks and couldn't be happier with the way the line is now, very clear and my speed is totally awesome on ADSL2+.

The phone lady has a voice so special, like an angel. (You must put this in too.)

Review by Daniel K, Drysdale Street, Reservoir, Vic


Yet another top job done by Phoneworks! Your technician is a great asset to the business. Be sure to look after him!

Review by Henry K, Urquhart Street, Hawthorn, Vic


Please let your phone line technician know that his recommendations for dealing with my ISP all went well and everything has now been connected without further charges.

Thanks very much for the exceptional service,

Review by Oliver Gassman, Fitzroy, Vic


Our serviceman on the day was very professional in his approach and advice on the situation here, we are very happy with the solution he found for us.

Great service overall from all at Phoneworks.

Review by Denis Semec, Bella Medispa, Vic


Your techs were a pleasure to deal with. Very courteous, thorough and professional.

Review by Dan, Manningham Street, Parkville, Vic


Thanks for email and yes the service was excellent. Your technician called and said he was a little delayed but that was no problem. When he arrived he was very helpful, professional and a pleasure to deal with.

So thankyou very much I will always do business with you guys in the future and would have no problem recommending Phoneworks to any of my friends.

Review by Doug Chisholm, Hampton Park, Vic


Your technician was prompt, efficient and very good to deal with – 10 out of 10.

Thanks for your assistance and I will most definitely be contacting you for further work.

Review by Steve, Manorwood Way, Berwick, Vic


Thankyou for the service provided. Both yourself and the technician were courteous, professional and most importantly, got the job done with minimum hastle! I was kept up-to-date at all times which is so important for a busy professional like myself.

Review by Anastasia Peripetsakis, Hughesdale, Vic


Julia and I were very happy with your helpful response and your technician was skilful and polite. Thanks again for helping us.

Review by Ramesh & Julia, Doncaster, Vic


My feedback to you on the service is very positive. Your technician was prompt, efficient and very good to deal with – 10 out of 10.

Thanks for your assistance and I will most definitely be contacting you for further work.

Review by Steve Hopkins, Insulation Rebate for Homes Pty Ltd, South Melbourne, Vic


Can I also just say how excellent I've found the service from your organisation. From when I first rang right through to completion, every interaction has been consistently polite, timely and with strong communication that has resulted in me being absolutely comfortable with the work that was done and the value for money. It's rare that you get such good peace of mind from dealing with a company for the first time. I couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Review by Joe Lewis, ANZ, Vic


I find Phonework’s website informative and the service rendered excellent. The technician rang up as soon as he had difficulties finding my place because it was a new estate. It was very professional of him to let me know so that I wasn’t kept wondering. He explained the job to me and offered advice without pressuring me on picking an option. It was definitely a pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend Phoneworks to whoever builds in the future.

Review by Kok-Leong, Mernda, Vic


The service was excellent, thank you. I will definitely use you again and recommend to others.

Review by David Reynonds, Raw Travel, Sandringham, Vic


To the team at Phoneworks,

Just to say a big thank you for your fast, reliable and professional service with getting my phone cable in and trench dug. Even though the job ended up being bigger than you expected due to a broken pipe, your staff were happy to keep going until the job was done. All Phoneworks staff I dealt with were friendly and helpful. Can't say enough about the wonderful people and company.

Review by Joanne Noy, Pakenham, Vic


Thank you very much.

My tenant has mentioned that the technician who attended the property was highly professional and very friendly. He was most impressed by the service that was provided.

I spoke with the lady on reception who helped organise the job and she was also very helpful!

Review by Danielle Cristini, Property Manager, Nelson Alexander Pty Ltd, Carlton, Vic


Thank you for the prompt despatch of the invoice and compliance certificate.

I must say that we were happy with the work that Phoneworks did, including the technician's expert advice and recommendations as to use and installation of our phone related equipment.

Many thanks.

Review by Shabbir, Wantirna, Vic


Thanks Phoneworks for the great work you have done in our new office. We really appreciated your professionalism and commitment to getting the job completed as quickly as possible which meant some very long days at our site. I would recommend Phoneworks to anyone who is looking for great service and friendly technicians who know what they are doing.

Review by Paul Crimmins, IT Support, Solagran Limited, Melbourne, Vic

Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited

Thank you for your Company’s assistance in these matters.

I was very happy with the service provided by Phoneworks and will continue to use your services when the need arises.

Review by Michael Tyers, Equity-One Mortgage Fund Limited, Melbourne, Vic


The service was excellent, I would definitely recommend Phoneworks. Thanks also for finishing the job quickly (and in the dark), many tradies would have been happy to charge again for another call-back fee.

Review by Daniel Zammit, Berwick, Vic


Please pass on my sincerest thank you to your technician. I've not had a single line synch/drop out issue since he installed the new Network Termination Device (NTD).

Again, many, many thanks :)

Review by Brett, Rosanna, Vic


I was really impressed with the level of service that we received yesterday - your technician was great, so helpful and efficient. I will be highly recommending your service to family and friends.

Thanks again.

Review by Leonie White, Melbourne, Vic


We were very impressed with your workers and will certainly recommend the company to others. A job well done.

Review by Caroline Davis, Clarendon Pharmacy & Photo Shop, South Melbourne, Vic


Your technician was just fantastic, great worker, kept us informed and involved, polite, considerate. He got the job done. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Review by Tim & Suzie, Glen Huntly, Vic


Thank you to all at Phoneworks. Finding a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson or technician is a difficult task – especially when moving to a new area. When I contacted Phoneworks my family and I were in a rough spot. The helpful staff sent a technician out at short notice on the weekend that was friendly, experienced and full of good advice. The cost was extremely reasonable, and the staff displayed a level of professionalism rarely found these days. These are good people who are very good at what they do.

Review by Tristan Meredith, Kew, Vic


Thank you for your prompt service. I was very impressed with the work, pleasant manner and standard of service provided by your technician.

Review by Michael Sutton, Nunawading, Vic


I am writing to let you know how good your service was yesterday Saturday 17th January. I thank you for the service you gave me.

Review by Dean Laurie, Fairfield, Vic

Australian Weaving Mills Pty Ltd

We were very happy with the service; it was quick and efficient, thank-you.

Review by Jennifer Collins,
Australian Weaving Mills Pty Ltd,
Abbotsford Vic

Zoom & Enhance Pty Ltd

Thanks very much for the friendly and professional service.


Review by David, Zoom & Enhance Pty Ltd, Brunswick East, Vic


I found the service to be extremely professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending Phoneworks to my friends and family.

We're now enjoying fast internet connection. Thanks again.

Review by Angela O’Brien, Watsonia, Vic


I would like to thank the staff and management at Phoneworks for their efficient, friendly and excellent service.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Phoneworks’ staff, and your technician provided excellent service to us at home.

I will certainly recommend you.

With very best regards,

Review by Tim Hakins, Richmond, Vic


I’d like to say that your technician was wonderful … he is very friendly and most professional in his work. He explained what work he had to do in simple terms, which for a non technical person, were very easy to understand.

Many thanks for all that Phoneworks has done for us.

Review by Lisa Helliar, Greensborough, Vic


I am impressed by the service, on time, helpful with advice and making sure that everything works and I have a follow up number if needed. Great stuff!


Review by Brian Summers, Hampton Park, Vic


We really appreciated the prompt, professional and courteous service - a great experience dealing with Phoneworks!

Review by Robin, Mont Albert North, Vic


I found the customer service excellent - friendly and helpful and also knowledgeable. The technician was friendly, quick, tidy and thorough. All in all a great service - thanks for your help.


Review by Jill White, Safety Beach, Vic


I want to comment on your technician’s professional service and for being straight up with what was required for our house. He has done an excellent job.

Review by Elizabeth Johnson, South Morang, Vic


Great friendly service from staff who know their stuff and are passionate about what they do, couldn't be happier and extra warranty on workmanship is a bonus- Thanks Phoneworks!

Review by David Tay, North Melbourne, Vic


I would like to pass on my appreciation for your technician's excellent work and I have no issues in recommending your business to other people that require phone & data cabling work to be done. Job well done!

Review by Andrew Keil, ASK Interactive Australia, Fairfield Vic


I was very impressed by the knowledge of my technician and the planning that was done before commencing the job. After researching the quality of the cables and connectors I felt very comfortable that Phoneworks uses only the most reliable and safe materials. Finally, the functionality of the completed job was checked and verified thoroughly before the technician left, ensuring no need for callbacks to amend their work.


Review by Dr. Ben C, Sandringham Vic


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the services provided to us today. My enquiry was dealt with promptly and extremely helpfully with the relationship between Telstra components and services and your own made very clear. All options and the fee structure were clearly explained.

Even more astonishing, a service technician appeared in about 30 minutes!

Most importantly I would like to commend the approach and service provided by your technician who could not have been more helpful, patient and prompt. His explanation of our problems and the options open to us was extremely clear and helpful, allowing us to identify and fix the underlying problems and to upgrade our system significantly while he was at it. This has given us considerable confidence and comfort, in marked contrast to our previous experiences to date. Everything was checked thoroughly and we benefited from some very useful related advice delivered whilst installing our new fittings!

We could not have been more satisfied with your technician's approach and efficiency.

Thankyou very much for your prompt and efficient service. It was a relief to get back "on the air" and operating again so quickly.

Review by Mark Hearnes, Adepto Consulting


Thank you for coming out to my property and fixing my phone line, after Telstra failed to do so again. I was very impressed with your efficiency and how quick you had located the problem. It is also very good to meet a tradesman who arrives at the appointment time.

Review by Maarten Vlot, Northcote, Vic


I would like to give you some feedback regarding the work that we have had done by Phoneworks at two addresses. At the time the work was undertaken, your technician was very informative and helpful, and was very good at explaining different cabling options to us. He worked constantly and competently, and took great care to have the cabling as invisible as possible. The wall outlet points are tidy and well labeled, and he left no mess behind. After both jobs were completed, we were very happy, and everything worked as it should.

It is one thing to be a happy customer who really doesn't know anything about the job that has been done, but it is another thing entirely to be complimented by your peers ... Yesterday I called a TV Antenna technician and after discussing the job, he went outside to have a look around and assess our requirements. When he came back to the door, the first question he asked was, "Who did the telephone cabling?". I said that it was Phoneworks, and he went on to say that it was an amazing job, and he couldn't believe the effort that the technician had gone to, to get the cable inside the wall cavity, and have it all looking so tidy. "A superb job!" was his final comment. Thanks again for helping us out with a job that our Telco wouldn't; we really feel that we got value for money and most of all, a quality job, which is indeed a pleasure!

Review by Rachael Collier, Malvern, Vic


Would just like to post some nice words about Phoneworks Pty Ltd who came and fixed my line this morning. The technician that came out was here at 8am on the dot, on a Saturday, was polite and friendly and seemed genuinely interested in fixing the problem rather than the money. He worked quickly and efficiently in diagnosing my problem and installing a central filter for my line. My DSL is now spot on and feels like I'm going from dial up to broadband again, I'm now getting the speed I was paying for, rather than it dribbling down at 10kb a second. He only used top quality gear and explained every step of the process to me so I knew what was going on.

If anyone has any troubles related to DSL / Telephone, I would highly recommend seeking out these guys, they're one of the last mobs around that do exactly what they say they will.

Review by Daniel, Mornington Vic

Rob Gauci, Advertising and Marketing

I desperately needed my faulty phone connection to be fixed on a Saturday morning. I was prepared to have to pay a premium, being a Saturday. Upon
calling Phoneworks, I was surprised to find that no penalty rate would be charged.

The Phoneworks technician arrived on time and promptly attended to my problem which he fixed. Next, he suggested that my internet connection could also be streamlined, resulting in a much faster download speed. After showing me my current download speed, which was about 5 mb, then showed me again after he had altered the configuration of the cabling. My speed jumped to 8mb resulting in a 60% increase. The difference was quite remarkable.

The technician explained what he proposed to do in plain simple layman's terms and told me exactly what it would cost and how long he would take to complete the task. I found Phoneworks' approach to be very refreshing and professional, unlike some of the technicians that Telstra has sent out on previous occasions. Keep up this great attitude.

Review by Rob Gauci, RGAM, Middle Park, Vic


I recently received excellent service from your company. Your technician provided a professional and friendly phone repair service, and was very impressed. Please forward my personal thanks to your team. I will be recommending your team to my friends! Thanks

Review by Zhen Tao, Caulfield North, Vic


Dear Phoneworks

I was impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of your technician today. He arrived on time, explained his actions and correctly diagnosed the fault with my service. This is something that my provider has not been able to do despite many calls and several visits. I would recommend your company to others.

Review by Peter Jones, Brunswick, Vic


Phoneworks provided friendly same day service. The technician promptly located difficult to find line wiring fault inside my house and fixed without delay. The line repair enabled me to use my phone and internet straight away. All work was performed at reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to use Phoneworks again.

Review by Peter Moen, Glen Waverly, Vic


As an IT Project Manager, I deal with many Contractors & Vendors on a daily basis. I demand a high level of service from them in my professional capacity, yet suffer the same "over-priced under-serviced" hassle as everyone else domestically. For once, I have been proven wrong. I am happy to feedback that:

  1. Your technician arrived on-time to the minute;
  2. Fast determination of the problem and solution;
  3. Speedy replacement of the faulty line;
  4. Fast installation of the new service;
  5. Price was considerably less than I had anticipated.

As an added bonus - my ADSL2 broadband now functions at the optimum 20mb, instead of the unreliable, intermittent 4mb. I would certainly recommend your service to others.

Review by Hugh Samson, East Bentleigh, Vic


We appreciate the helpful and professional service from all the staff at Phoneworks.

Review by Bob Garland, Port Melbourne, Vic


Many Thanks, the work is superb and the service was great. Your technican was very helpful and courteous; as good as you said he would be.

Review by Better Batt Pty Ltd, Carlton North, Vic


Thanks for your prompt response to the initial call from my builder. It certainly got me out of a very difficult situation. You are one of the few people that were involved in the building of our home that we could honestly recommend to anybody.

Review by David Normington, Sandhurst, Vic

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