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Telecommunications Line Fault Report

Call our head phone technician direct on 0419 120120

If the Telcos won't listen to you and claim that your line fault is on your premises, we can help!

Our experienced technicians are fully equipped with the latest testing gear and are experts at locating phone and DSL / broadband faults.

We will identify where the fault is located and on completion of the job, if required, issue you with a Telecommunications Line Report that can be presented back to your Telco.

This line report will certify and include the following:

  • that the fault is not your responsibility,
  • the technicians Telstra Accreditation number,
  • the technicians ACMA License details,
  • all other necessary information that may assist you with your claim for compensation, referred to as "Customer Service Guarantees" (CSGs) including full refund of our invoice!

If your Telco still won't listen, this line report can be presented to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman who will assist you with your problem and if required issue a directive to your provider.

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