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Phone Technician

All Phone Technicians at Phoneworks are fully licensed with the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA), and some are also Telstra Accredited.

We have technicians ranging from business phone system specialists, security and intercom experts, to new home wiring cablers for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

All are highly skilled communication experts having worked on many complex business / residential faults and telecommunication equipment around Melbourne.

A Phoneworks Phone Technician will ensure a trouble free connection or fault repair, possibly saving you many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Most common Phone Technician Licenses

Most communications cablers or Phone Technicians either have a Restricted License or a non restricted license called an Open Licence.

Phone Technician with Restricted License

A Phone Technician with a Restricted License must...

  • Successfully complete an approved ACMA cabling short course.
  • Work for a minimum of 6 months in the industry under the supervision of a Fully Licensed Phone Technician.

This enables the Phone Technician to legally work on certain residential communications cabling.

Fully Licensed Phone Technician

A fully Licensed Phone Technician must have...

  • 12 months, minimum, supervised experience in the industry.
  • Successfully completed an additional ACMA approved short course.

Ironically this Phone Technician is now legally licensed to work on complex communications equipment and systems for businesses, worth many thousands of dollars.

This is NOT a good idea and NOT what we regard as experienced.

Our Phone Technicians have a minimum of 12 years experience!

Choose your Phone Technician carefully

One major shopping centre in Melbourne has banned access by private contractors to its telecommunication distribution frames due to many inexperienced Phone Technicians and electricians disconnecting the wrong phone lines to some of its most valued corporate tenants.

This is because businesses had previously sub contracted an inexperienced Phone technician or electrician to connect their phone lines and in the process accidentally disconnected other tenants phone lines, such as banks for example!

Minimum 12 Months experience to become a 'Fully Licensed' Phone Technician or electrician can have serious implications for the unsuspecting person or business.

Unlike electrical companies, Phoneworks only specialise in telecommunications. We will never send out an inexperienced Phone Technician to your premises!

Fully Licensed and Telstra Accredited Phone Technician

After completing many years service and upon leaving Telstra, a Linesman, Phone Technician or exchange tech, who was already Fully Licensed, could complete additional assessments to become Telstra Accredited under various categories.

Telstra Accreditation was an endorsement and recognition by Telstra Assessors that the Phone Technician holding the appropriate accreditation was extremely competent in that category.

All Phoneworks technicians are fully licensed and some are also Telstra Accredited.

Telstra Accreditation Categories include the following...

P&P Pit and Pipe Installations
PCH Pit and Pipe/Cable Hauling
JA Jointing Advanced (Advanced phone Cable Joining)
JA R&C Jointing Advanced-Rearrangements and Cutovers
AFL Advanced Fault Location-Level 2 Faults
CPE Customer Premises Equipment Installations
ACC Aerial Cable Construction

Although there are many more categories, these are just some held by our Phone Technicians.

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