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Why Phoneworks?

One of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make is who to trust when it comes to getting that important job done.

We have listed 14 key points below that set Phoneworks apart from its competitors and why we are leaders in the telecommunications service industry.

1. Independent

Phoneworks is an independent private company with no allegiance to any other partner, business, company or person.

We therefore do not get commissions or kickbacks in any way, so the information and products that you receive from us are supplied with your best interest in mind!

2. Telstra Accredited Technicians

Our Telstra Accredited technicians are accredited in the areas of,

  • Advanced Fault Location,
  • Advanced Cable Jointing
  • Customer Premises Installations
  • Pit & Pipe Installation
  • Aerial Cable Construction

This means that they have been assessed by Telstra as competently knowing these areas of the Telstra network and practises.

This accreditation also allows us to access Telstra’s own automated Testing equipment as used by their employees!

3. Fully Licensed Technicians

In accordance with the Australian Communication & Media Authority, (ACMA) all Phoneworks technicians are Fully Licensed.

Their individual license number and registrar information will be detailed on the Certificate Of Compliance which will be issued on completion of the job as required by law.

4. Experience

Our extensive experience has been gained from years of building knowledge from previous careers including Telstra, additional independent training courses in the private sector and networking with our peers.

Our diverse knowledge will save you or your company time and money by getting the job done right the first time!

5. Testimonials

Our testimonials have been voluntarily sent in by many of our satisfied clientele. They are all genuine and are contactable on request.

Testimonials ranging from students to large corporations are available to read. Read testimonials.

6. Phoneworks Lifetime Guarantee on Workmanship

We are so confident of the quality of our workmanship that we are prepared to back it up with a Lifetime guarantee!

This guarantee ensures that all workmanship by Phoneworks technicians is done to Australian Communication & Media Authority standards. (ACMA)

Phoneworks’ "Fair Wear and Tear" policy applies.

7. Phoneworks 3 Year Extended Guarantee

Our experience has helped us source quality parts that we are prepared to back with our own "in house" 3 year extended manufacturers warranty. This applies to all new parts except for phones and 240 volt products.

Phoneworks’ "Fair Wear and Tear" policy applies.

8. Certificate of Compliance

In accordance with the law a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the person / business detailing works completed by our licensed technician.

9. Use of Quality Parts

Phoneworks will only use quality Australian-made cables and products approved by the Australian Communication Media Authority. (ACMA)

Our reputation depends on supplying products that we can proudly stand by! We will not install cheap imported products that cause damage to our brand.

If it’s not approved, we won’t use it!

10. Fully Equipped Vans

All Phoneworks technicians are supplied with modern Toyota Hi Ace vans purposely fitted out for communication work to ensure efficient availability of all parts and tools.

As we only specialise in communications work, we carry the biggest range of products to suit repairs and installations in the telecommunications industry.

11. Telecommunications Line Fault Reports

Certain circumstances require your telecommunications provider to listen past their beaurocratic nonsense and feeble excuses.

A Phoneworks Telecommunications Line Fault Report will supply you and if necessary, the telecommunications Industry Ombudsman with all the appropriate information to get a speedy resolution to any problem not located on your premises.

12. Easy to understand, itemised tax invoicing

In the interests of being clear and transparent, all invoices are printed in easy to understand wording clearly explaining the services performed in detail with all parts individually itemised and priced.

This assists in a number of ways by showing:

  • What tasks were performed
  • Where costs are incurred
  • Exactly what workmanship is covered under our "lifetime warranty"
  • Exactly what parts are covered under our 3 year extended warranty

The detailed description is also part of our obligation when issuing a Certificate of Compliance as required by the regulatory authority, ACMA (Australian Communication & Media Authority).

13. $20 Million liability insurance

Phoneworks provides a $20 Million public liability insurance policy which covers all clients and members of the public against injury or damage caused by our technicians. The policy is underwritten by QBE, Australia’s largest insurance company. (We have never had to lodge a claim!)

14. Ex Telstra phone technicians

Our extensive knowledge of the Telstra infrastructure and system comes from years of experience in,

  • Working for Telstra and learning all aspects of the network
  • Building on this knowledge with many more years of experience working in the private sector

It is this extensive experience that sets us far apart from any of our competitors.

10 Year Guarantee on all phone line repairs Optimise your ADSL Broadband now! Payment Options Key points why Phoneworks are leaders in the telecommunications service industry.